Friday, August 15, 2008

Remembering Back more than 30 years

In June of 1977 We were transfered from Santiago Chile to Mexico City. When we left Chile we decided to go to Salt Lake City for a few days before we went to Mexico. We also decided to go by way of Cuzco, Peru and take a train from there to see the ruins of the famous Machupichu. Unbeknown to us, Elder and Sister James E. Faust and their family had made the same plans for the same days as they were being transfered from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Salt Lake City.

When we arrived in Peru we were told that there was a huelga. That means a labour Strike. What we really found was a parada total which means a complete shut down of the normal activities of the country and the people were in full rebelion. In this case it was over the increase in the cost of gasoline and the doubling of transportation costs.

When we got to Cusco, flying up over the high Andes mountains, We found that the rebelion was in full swing. The people had filled the streets with rocks so that it was not possible to drive on them. We had to carry our bags and walk from the airport into town. It was a real mess and people were angry and fighting each other and especialy against th Peruvian Government forces. They had also torn up the railroad tracks so we could not get to Machupichu.

We got to a hotel and with luck, our rooms were still available. During the night were could hear the fighting and about 3:oo am truck loads of Peruvian soldiers arrived and then the fighting really got bad. This continued into the nex day.

We found a guide to help us the next day and did get out around the edges of the city of Cuzco and saw some of the interesting things there. Early the next morning We got up early and carried our bags back to the airport. Getting on the only airplane that was there is another story, but we got tickets for ourselves and the Faust family. The last picture shows Brother Faust and some of his family as they were arriving at the airport carrying the own bags.

Just been thinking back and thought you might be interested in seeing Cuszco more than 30 years ago and some of you remembering the trip.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Showcasing our wonderful family

Of all the things we have and have been envolved with in our life, our family is the greatest treasure and the majority in our lives. We love them and have rightous pride in all of them. We want to Showcase them on our blog and from time to time you will get to see pictures of them that you may not have seen for a long time or maybe never.

We start out with our First grandaughter Jennifer McKasson who has just moved to Dallas, Texas where she is taking an important teaching position. She is beautiful and we love her so much. She brings happiness and joy every where she goes.

Best of luck and success in your new job Jenny.

With her cousin Shana Kay

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fishing in Alaska

We went to Alaska in aug 2003 to fish for about ten days. We started out in Glacier Bay and fished for Halibut. They were there and they were big guys. We would be humble about it if we had anything to be humble about.

We caught ou own fish bait. They were small herring that were in large schools. The birds were feeding on them from above and the whales from below. We caught them on small hooks with white feathers on them several at a time.

Mary ann hooked something she could not get to come up. The boat Captian helped her and said that he thought it was an octupus. She finaly got it reeled up out of water that was 300 feet deep. It was an octupus and the Captain said he thought it was about 70 lbs. He did not want to bring it on the boat. After we had seen it and taken pictures of it we cut it loose and it grabbed for the bottom of the boat.

We went from Glacier Bay to Ketchican to fish for both Salmon and Halibut. We fished for five days and had a very good catch each day. The following is a picture of the catch on each of those five days. Most of you got some of this fish or we fixed some of it for you at the family reunion we held in Idaho. It was pretty good stuff.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tutu's 95th Birthday

Mary Waddoups Bradford turned 95 years old on March 10, 2008.
Mary Lou and Bill Bingham had a reception at their home in Provo for her and many people who are family and long time friends came to see her. She is really a remarkable woman. We all love her very much.She is home but she wants to go home.

Mary Waddoups Bradford
Her mind is clear and bright
and she was a wonderful host
to all who visited her.

Jane and Eliza Jean

Birch an Melba Larsen

Dan Ludlow

Everyone said they hoped she would be around for her 100th Birthday. She did'nt like that and told them so. She really wants to get back to wherever her beloved husband is and she dose'nt mind telling people so. We love you Tutu.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Together for the 4th of July

We thought it would be nice to be together for the 4th of July. We love our family with all our hearts and souls. You have always been our treasure and with the Grandkids and Great Grandkids that treasure has grown to where it is beyond counting.